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Yakima county adult dating

Billy Underwood, one of three teens accused of kidnapping an elderly Kennewick woman, appears for a hearing Thursday morning in Benton County Superior Court.

Judge Robert Swisher ruled he should be tried as an adult for helping kidnap Hazel Abel, 86.

All three teens have been charged with first-degree kidnapping, first-degree burglary and car theft.

They reportedly planned to run away and wanted to use her car.

Testimony from juvenile probation counselor Elizabeth Lee and Underwood’s family members shed light on the teen’s troubled childhood, which reportedly included violent abuse, suicidal episodes, brushes with the law and drug abuse.

Underwood had a terrible childhood, no question about that,” the judge said.

Lee said she consulted with other officials in the juvenile system and all agreed that Underwood’s case should be moved to adult court.

Martin previously was charged as an adult because of his age, while Underwood and Kenfield, who were dating before the kidnapping, were initially charged in juvenile court.

Prosecutors say they expect to ask a judge to bump Kenfield’s case to adult court too.

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