Who is norma kamali dating

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I’m working hard not to squander it in order to reach my full purpose.

As an entrepreneur and designer, Norma Kamali has always found inspiration for her fashion collections in wellness, beauty, and women’s empowerment.

I learned that, and I keep upgrading by learning more and incorporating all of it into my daily plan.

I’m living a creative life, and so grateful to have been given this opportunity.

The next step was necessary: I cut my coffee intake in half (I was drinking 10 cups a day at the time) because I was rattled from the caffeine.

To this day, the endurance and stamina I need for all the entrepreneurial highs and lows really depend on quality self-care.

One day, I remember having a fitting in my sample room.

As I was looking at the mannequin in the mirror to see the silhouette of the dress at a distance, I saw myself in the reflection and thought, What a scary sight.

I started taking supplements, and slowly took caffeine out of my life completely.

I went shopping for proper food, and I always had my olive oil and lemon ready as my favorite condiments. I needed to find ways to get protein, and lost all my electrified energy without caffeine. The business still demanded all my time and energy, but I felt better and looked better.

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Listen to your body: It’s a lesson I learned then and have never forgotten.