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Who is jen hobby dating

Jonathan moved over the summer, but Jen was forced to stay behind for work.The next year was difficult, but Jen kept Jonathan's spirits high, sending care packages and always being only a phone call away.As luck would have it, Jonathan graduated in 2009, and soon headed off to the big city (Washington D.C.) to dip his toes in the water of the working worldf.She insists that this somehow qualifies her as "southern," but even if not, she has surely earned the title by now.At any rate, Jen began participating in and excelling at many competitions from an early age.

And as soon as quittin' time rolled around, they'd make their way straight to Chadwick's, the local watering hole.To understand the story, we must first understand how Jen and Jonathan grew into the people they were when they first met.Chapter 1: Life before Jonathan Jen was born and raised in suburban Maryland.Chapter 3: The Meet Cute Perhaps it was fate that had Jonathan and Jen both accept jobs with the same employer within 6 months of each other, or perhaps it was just happenstance.What's unarguable is that Jonathan's very first meeting in his new job was a training session that just happened to include a beautiful young lady named Jennifer.

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While no one would argue the southern geography of the town, or his growing up as a southern gentleman, he somehow forgot to develop a genteel southern accent.