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Rowupdating specified method is not supported

A result set is updatable if the SELECT statement is updatable.This includes SELECT from TABLE and updatable VIEW objects.This method should only be called for scrollable result sets, otherwise it will throw an exception (no matter what direction is used).Sets the number of rows suggested to read in one step.When the client syncs the changes to the server, the server first makes the appropriate changes to the spreadsheet and then saves the updated spreadsheet.This ensures that any formulas in the spreadsheet are re-computed before the workflow rule is invoked.

The My Sql Data Adapter does not automatically generate the SQL statements required to reconcile changes made to a Data Set with the associated instance of My SQL.

This value cannot be higher than the maximum rows (set Max Rows) set by the statement or prepared statement, otherwise an exception is throws. The default value can be changed using the system property h2.server Result Set Fetch Size.

The App Sheet workflow rules are triggered on the App Sheet server when a user does an add, update, or delete through the App Sheet client and then syncs these changes back to the server.

If column names are used, the programmer should take care to guarantee that they uniquely refer to the intended columns, which can be assured with the SQL AS clause.

Retrieves parameter information from the stored procedure specified in the My Sql Command and populates the Parameters collection of the specified My Sql Command object.

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-- In the SELECT below, columns A and B are updatable, any row can be -- deleted, but it is not insertable-into as column C is not directly from -- the table. -- The SELECT below can be insertable-into so long as other columns of the -- table that do not appear in the SELECT list have a default value.

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