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[6] Very rarely, but some times, their battery dies.This is usually an excuse……go back to reason number 5. [8] They just installed the new i OS and lost all their contacts (yes, even your precious contact info).Travel closer to home, yet experience the beauty, culture and history of another country.After a city tour of the chic metropolis of Calgary, continue to Banff and explore the dining scene with a wide choice of western saloons, English pubs and international restaurants. ~ I know you have your phone with you every where you go! ~ Oh, alright, you think you are better than me, do ya? ~ Friends off, I hate you, my ego has been tarnished by this lack of timely respect. Slowly we detach from traditional forms of communication, such as face to face dialogue, and we let our emoticons and exclamation points relay our thoughts and ideas. Here are a few insanely accurate reasons why we don’t respond to text messages.

[9] They are upset with you and decide to be passive aggressive with you instead of facing the problem head on up in a mature forward thinking fashion. This is the worst feeling ever and really makes you look at yourself as a super self-centered individual, realizing that you are the only one to blame for getting all upset over nothing.

Eighty percent of whether an item is removed depends on how dedicated you’re willing to be. You’re competing for the limited time of very busy people and companies.

Without further ado, here are our 7 tips on how to get something deleted from the web.

In our experience, the best person to talk to is someone who’s tech-savvy enough–and has the authority– to remove content himself.

That way they can handle your request right when you ask, not go through a long chain of decision-makers who may forget about you.

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Most of the things that people want removed are things they voluntarily posted at an earlier time.

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