Competency examination validating

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Competency examination validating

Since, unlike most literature on project success factors, project management literature does consider the role of the project manager, we also review what it says about his or her leadership style and competence. Keywords: leadership; emotional intelligence; literature; project success factors The authors have been commissioned by the Project Management Institute to determine: 1. The anatomy of major projects: A study of the reality of project management.

Please set your browser to accept cookies to continue.Four were key to his beliefs: • Jen (love) • Li (proper conduct) • Xiao (piety) • Zhang rong (the doctrine of the mean) Notice that three of the virtues are emotional and only one managerial. Confucius's theory has formed the basis of Chinese government for 2,500 years. Whether the competence, including personality and leadership style, of the project manager is a success factor for projects; and 2. If different competence profiles are appropriate for different project types.

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In this review of what the general management literature says about successful leadership styles and competence, we consider: • The development of leadership theory through the 20th century, and how that is reflected in the project management literature • The literature on behavior of team members • The literature on cultural behaviors of managers • The current literature on the competence of leaders. The Trait School The trait approach was popular up to the 1940s.