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I think it's very not uncommon for any celebrity — your friends bring people to you.” While Singer’s friend insists that “there's no payment involved” for his introductions to Singer, it is apparent that those who play the middleman for the filmmaker reap tangible benefits.

"An average night going out to dinner with Bryan is five or six people at Spago and a several-thousand-dollar dinner,” he said.

"He's more like a personal assistant [to Singer], in a way,” said the partygoer. But we're talking about 10 or 15 of my friends that meet up and park [at my apartment] and walk somewhere. I can't be up [late].”Johnson also denied any inference that he participates in any “recruiting” of young men to meet Singer.

“He's booking Bryan's [private plane] flights and stuff like that." (Castro has not responded to repeated messages, emails, and phone calls asking for comment for this story.)According to the partygoer, another friend of Singer’s, aspiring writer Tommy Johnson, hosts regular parties at his apartment in a historic Hollywood building before the Tiger Heat nights, and “the people who usually go to Tommy’s parties usually end up going to these actual big parties and other parties that Bryan has — it’s all kind of a chain link and it all links together to get to Bryan.”Johnson, who declined to give his age, adamantly denied those claims. That's completely unrelated to whatever someone does later on as far as an after-party. “I've heard that rumor before, and it never really bothered me, because I know the people that actually know me in L. know that that's something I wouldn't do,” he said. "People don't walk up to him on the street and get to meet him.

“This is the god's honest truth, on my father's grave,” he said.To scout for attractive young men to attend his parties, Singer has relied on a network of friends, according to multiple sources.First among them is Wayne Castro (44 years old, according to public records), whose Twitter biography lists his professions as a "fashion photographer, producer, [and] event promoter."“He's been friends with Bryan for years — very much a confidant,” said another friend of Singer’s, who added that he is one of the scouts who has connected Singer with young men the director might have wanted to meet.Castro, according to the partygoing insider, is a regular presence at the 18-and-over gay club night called Tiger Heat, which happens every Thursday night at the Hollywood club Avalon.There, Castro maintains a VIP list and produces the "Heaven Lounge" at the event, as well as house parties that happen either the same night or on subsequent nights.

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No matter with whom or how the initial connection is made, invitations to parties usually arrive via text message, explaining where and when the next event will be.

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